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It's time for a Radical Change!

Green Party of Maricopa County

We are the party of Solutions


The Green Party of Maricopa County is a community of Arizonians from all backgrounds ranging from teachers, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, Berners, to students, and beyond. We've grown into a family that is birthed from the idea that our actions should always reflect the best interests of all citizens and the earth.

Our impact on our county laws should reflect the ethics that we follow in our daily lives. Arizona is the perfect state for renewable energy, supporting local businesses, and addressing climate change.

The most important person to us is... you. Yes, you! We'd love your support, that time and passion to help us grow as a party recognized within this beautiful state. Volunteering, word of mouth, anything you've got to the table. Our group is constantly looking for ways to expand our outreach as well as opportunities to help our neighbors. This is truly the party of the people, and let's keep that going together. It's not only about going green, we're also growing green!

The Green Party is the only political party that refuses corporate contributions and the corrupting influence they have on our political system.

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