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It's time for a Radical Change!

Green Party of Maricopa County

We are the party of Solutions



The Green Party of Maricopa County is a community of Arizonans from all backgrounds including frontline communities, workers, youth, organized labor, LGBTQ community, indigenous people, and people of color. We are a grassroots, values-based, organization committed to working for the greater good of all.
Together, we will transform our state and country to stop endless wars of aggression, short-sighted environmental destruction, erosion of our rights, mass incarceration, and policies that perpetuate social and economic injustice.  Now is the time to build a bridge from the world we have to the better world we know is possible.
The Green Party does not accept corporate donations.  We will not compromise, capitulate, or go along with corrupt government practices. The Green Party continues to represent the best hope for America's future. Please Join Us!  Get Involved! Support Green Candidates. Run for Public Office.



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