2020 Green Party Presidential Nomination

The Arizona Green Party extends a warm invitation to all Green Party members statewide to participate in the 2020 Presidential nomination process by Ranked Choice Voting. ***Click on the Online Ballot below to vote for your Green Party Presidential nominee.

The Arizona Green Party did not achieve ballot status for 2020, and thus could not participate in Arizona’s March 17th Presidential Preference Election. The good news is that the Arizona Green Party has been apportioned 6 delegates to participate in the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention scheduled in Detroit on July 11, 2020, to elect the Green Party nominee for president. We have run a presidential candidate in every election since 1996, even though we have yet to achieve ballot status in all 50 states plus D.C. and territories. In November, 2020, the Green Party nominee can be written in on Arizona's general election ballot. 

Voting for the Green Party Presidential Nominee will occur in a “hybrid” of early voting (both EARLY and at the NOMINATING CONVENTION on May 23rd). Electronic and mail-in early voting will be open to all Arizona registered green voters for 30 days starting on April 1, and ending on April 30. Voting will also be open to all GREENS wishing to vote in-person (excluding, of course, GREENS who have already cast their early ballots) at the nominating convention on May 23rd in Pima County. [Also, please note that it might be necessary to postpone the in-person Nominating Convention meeting due to the worldwide pandemic of COVID 19. Under this scenario, all voting will be Early.]

Only individuals who are registered GREEN in the Arizona voter database will be eligible to vote in this Presidential Primary Election. Your verification for using the online ballot will be your unique Arizona voter identification number. In order to ensure that your vote counts, please check your political party affiliation online at my.arizona.vote. If you need to update your political party affiliation, please follow this link: servicearizona.com. We will recognize same-day registration.


Arizona Green Party 2020 Presidential Nomination - Online Ballot - Click Here to Vote


The Arizona Green Party is committed to maintaining a neutral stance towards those seeking our nomination. The campaigns of individuals running for the Green Party nomination for President have been assessed by the Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC), which officially recognized three candidates seeking the GPUS Presidential nomination. The other declared candidates listed can be written-in.


Here is a sample ballot.

AZGP sample ballot 2020

Each voter will be able to choose one vote for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice. Each voter can choose a write-in and then enter the name of the write-in candidate.

In order to ensure that your vote counts enter your Arizona Voter Identification number. The voter ID will be used to verify your green party registration.

Check back on this page on April 1st, 2020 to log into the secure online ballot. Voters will be able to print the ballot and mail it to the AZGP PO Box.

Looking for more information about Ranked Choice Voting, check out the following videos on YouTube:



Democracy works when we all participate in voting for our policy makers. We at GPMC wish you and your families safety and good health as we practice self quarantine. Together in solidarity!

All the Best! 

The Green Party of Maricopa County committee

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